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An emerging art and science of engaging patients as partners is reshaping how medical products and services are discovered, developed, and delivered. Better alignment between patients’ expectations, R&D, and the medical system promises higher value care that improves and extends lives. Yet, few enterprises are prepared to fully participate in this shift and benefit from its potential.

Kith (n): Kindred people connected by common attitudes, practices, customs, and culture

To speed adoption of patient-centricity by life science companies, not-for-profit organizations, and academic research teams, Kim McCleary established The Kith Collective, LLC.


We tailor our consulting services to meet your organization’s specific needs, dedicating the personal attention required to define a custom strategy, improve operational integration, inform portfolio management, and advance culture change. Our approach to purposeful patient-centricity achieves your organization’s objectives, enhances mission focus, and returns lasting societal benefit.

About Kim McCleary

About Kim McCleary

K. Kimberly McCleary
Founder & CEO


P: 202-335-1900

Kim McCleary has been at the forefront of patient engagement for nearly 30 years. She is a nationally regarded subject matter expert on patient-focused medical product development, patient-centered benefit-risk assessment, and organizational change. Kim has authored scores of publications, served on dozens of steering committees and advisory boards, is a sought-after speaker, and has an extensive network of leadership contacts. Her passion for this work is rooted in personal experience, lived and as a family caregiver.

Throughout her career, Kim earned respect as a servant leader with demonstrated success building consensus and achieving shared goals. She does this by employing exceptional communication, strategic planning, and program management skills, applying a strong work ethic, and leveraging an extensive network of leadership contacts. She's able to maintain a sense of humor and grace under pressure too.


Samantha joins the Kith Collective after a decade in the medical research and patient advocacy field. Samantha previously served as director of patient education, engagement, and advocacy at the National Osteoporosis Foundation, where she launched and led initiatives that worked to improve the lives of those living with low bone density and osteoporosis. One of her primary responsibilities was initiating, building, and launching a patient-reported data registry, a first-of-its-kind tool for the osteoporosis community.


Before joining the National Osteoporosis Foundation, Sam was an associate director at FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute, where she worked alongside Kim on patient engagement initiatives and focused on bringing stakeholders together to accelerate medical solutions for patients. Sam was integrally involved in planning for the annual Partnering for Cures conferences held 2011-2017 and provided programming support for the Milken Institute's annual Global Conference and other international events. She also shepherded the annual program planning process and conducted regular program assessments to ensure effective and efficient plan implementation.


Samantha lives outside of DC in Mount Rainier, Maryland and is a graduate of the George Washington University.

Samantha Mayberry
Director of Client Services


P: 202-335-1900

  • Five years on FasterCures' senior leadership team, working with stakeholders across the biomedical R&D sector to advance best practices and shape policy that supports better integration of patient perspectives. 

  • 22 years as chief staff executive for the CFIDS Association of America, now known as the Solve ME/CFS Initiative, charting mission-driven research, policy, advocacy, education, patient engagement, and support programs over two decades of dynamic change. 

  • Experience as a consultant, most recently crafting the "Unite Narcolepsy" initiative to leverage the FDA's 2013 patient-focused drug development meeting on narcolepsy, and early in her career, providing practice management services to dental specialists. 

About Samantha Mayberry

About Megan Feeney

Megan joins the Kith Collective after a decade in the fields of patient advocacy and education. She previously served as Associate Director of Community Engagement at Parkinson’s Foundation, where she launched and led initiatives that worked to improve the lives of those living with Parkinson’s disease. While at Parkinson’s Foundation, Megan managed the Women and PD initiative and led the PF Surveys program which conducted patient experience surveys and focus group research in collaboration with people living with Parkinson’s disease, researcher institutions, and pharmaceutical partners. In less than three years from the launch of PF Surveys, Megan led and contributed to the publication of seven peer-reviewed articles.


Megan also has extensive teaching experience at both the elementary and collegiate level. She currently teaches health psychology at CSU Stanislaus, where she explores factors that influence the leading causes of disease and death in the United States. She works with students to simplify the science and help them to understand the many psychological theories involved in seeking out and adhering to medical recommendations.


Megan earned her Master’s in public health from New York University, where she worked on projects related to zika, ebola, and childhood malnutrition and contributed to public content for Save the Children, UNICEF, and WHO.

Megan Feeney
Community Engagement Specialist

P: 202-335-1900

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