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Our Services

Kith Collective founder Kim McCleary tailors our consulting services to meet your organization’s specific needs, dedicating the personal attention required to define a custom strategy, improve operational integration, and advance culture change. Her approach to purposeful patient-centricity achieves your organization’s objectives, enhances mission focus, and returns lasting societal benefit.



  • Organizational readiness assessment to identify strengths and opportunities

  • Strategic and operational planning to clarify objectives and prioritize resource allocations

  • Project management to guide implementation and maximize success

  • Benchmarking and metrics development to track progress and measure value

  • Meeting, workshop, and training planning and facilitation to inform and promote culture change

  • Internal and external communications to convey the purpose and progress of patient-centered initiatives

  • Talent and partner recruitment to bolster resident capacity and capabilities



  • Establishing and managing patient advisory boards

  • Conducting comprehensive community landscapes

  • Turnkey services for leading patient-focused medical product development meetings

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