Our services and capabilities

Patient-Focused Medical Product Development

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The Kith Collective is committed to helping our clients achieve a systematic approach to patient-focused medical product development, to ensure patient engagement activities are captured and meaningfully incorporated into the development and evaluation of medical products through the medical product lifecycle. The Kith Collective:

  • Leads patient-focused drug development meetings

  • Incorporates patient perspectives in novel ways

  • Highlights how patient perspectives can shape programs across the product lifecycle

  • Provides patient-centered framing of healthcare system topics

  • Establishes and manages patient advisory boards

Capacity Building and Culture Change

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​A novel approach requires informed and purposeful planning. The Kith Collective has a wealth of experience in:

  • Community landscape assessments

  • Strategic planning

  • Organizational readiness assessments and analyses

  • Internal and external messaging and communications

Organizational Support

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​While logistics and organizational support is an aspect of nearly everything we do, the Kith Collective excels in providing support separately in these ways and more:

  • Relationship-building

  • Project management

  • Benchmarking and metrics development

  • Meeting, workshop, and training planning and facilitation

Download our capabilities deck for a look into our our work. 

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